E-Juice flavors and brands


Since the introduction of e-juice to the market, its consumption has steadily risen. E-juice is a liquid composed either all or some of the following; water, nicotine, an alcohol flavor, vegetable glycerine, and propylene glycol. An e-juice has to have a base of either vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol. The e-juice is used in electronic cigarettes that are mostly used by people trying to quit tobacco cigarettes.
E-juice Flavors and Brands
There is a wide variety of e-juice flavors and brands to choose from. The different e-juice flavors cater to the different taste preferences of e-juice consumers. Some of the most preferred e-juice flavors are fruit, candy, nicotine, mint, tobacco and beverage flavors.
There is also a wide range of e-juice brands to choose from. However, some brands have gained much popularity than others. This is mainly due efficiency, quality, creativity and effect of the various brands. Vapor Fi E-Juice is the most preferred brand. This is due to its wide range of flavors and also the ability for consumers to mix up to three flavors. Mig Quid, Vista Vapor E- Liquid and Crystal Canyon Vapes are also some of the most preferred e-juice brands.
Vaping rigs and equipment
The tank chosen determines how the vaping rigs and equipment function. A mini sub-tank is a hybrid tank that enable users to customize their experience. This happens through the manual and automatic choices of switching from coiler heads to automatic heads. There are also Nano tanks that are very slim but cannot be customized by the user. Also popular, is a Kanger Aerotank. It is a replaceable tank with two coils on its head. Some Kanger Aerotanks have drip tips and a base for air control.
Personal Favorite Flavor
My personal favorite e-juice flavor is Creme De Menthe from Vista Vapors. Preference of this flavor is inspired by the love of menthol. Not only does it leave a fresh breath, but the after-taste is also superb.
Vaping Enthusiast site
Vaping.com is a great example of a vaping enthusiast site. It was founded in the year 2007 and later relaunched as a relative site to E- Cigarette Forum, in the year 2014. This site, through its vape enthusiasts, has played an important role in directing the vaping future.
Guides, Tips, and Tricks
If new to the use e-juice, it is important that you start by consuming brands that have lower nicotine levels. Also, you should make the e-juice experience more satisfactory and exciting by mixing different flavors.
E-juice should be handled and stored in such a way that it does not pose safety hazards to anyone. Therefore, it is important to label e-juice storage bottles with warnings to keep pets and children out of their reach. Also, it is important to consume only healthy amounts of e-juice to avoid nicotine overdoses.